>We are ramping up for the 2018 Baptist Build project and need as many churches involved as possible.  Thank you to those churches who are already involved in the project.  To our other churches of the Association please consider participating in the project. 
The build will start with a MLK Wall build on Monday, January 15 from 9 AM-12 noon at 922 Oakwood Avenue with youth ages 16+ and adults. We will begin standing the walls on Saturday, February 17 with a full work day pausing for a 11:45 AM wall-raising ceremony.  We would like each pastor and coordinator to participate in the wall-raising ceremony. 
Each participating church is asked to send approximately 5 youth and adults on January 15 and 3-4 people on February 17
Thursday, March 8 Clergy/church staff work day
Volunteers can register via the Baptist Build website https://www.habitatwak e.org/faith/baptist or directly via the Hub link for the build is http://vhub.at/baptistbuild
If you have any questions regarding this message please contact Dr. Connelly direct at pastorconnelly@bellsouth.net or his office at919.552.3825.
>This message has been approved by Moderator Nathaniel J. Wood and is being sent on behalf of our Union President, Rev. Frankie Dixon.  Please note:
     December 30, 2017 WMBA Union Session has been cancelled.  
We look forward to continuing our fellowship, training/information classes and worship services together in 2018.
If you have any questions/concerns regarding this communication please contact Rev. Dixon at scagsix1@gmail.com or 910.297.1518.

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(Romans 14:12)



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